Most used roofing system Suitable for many different types of building, particulary housing
Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofs can be covered in a variety of materials, the most common being clay or slate tiles, or even green roofing

Pitched roofs are usually built around a timber roof frame. Depending on the age of the building, this roof frame could be in great condition, or it could need some treatment. When you buy a building, whether as a home or for your business, you should ensure that your surveyor goes into the attic and checks the condition of the roofing beams, as well as doing a visual check on the tiling, eaves and ridges from the outside.

Tiling can come in a variety of colours and patterns and you can also buy reclaimed tiles and slates, which can be particularly useful if you live in a period or listed property and need repairs that are in keeping with the existing look of your home. There are also several designs of ridge tiles available, which you can use to add a decorative look to your roof.

Your pitched roof will require some maintenance, and you should always check for loose, damaged or missing tiles in the run-up to winter. Discovering and repairing seemingly small items like these could prevent rain and snow-melt leaking into your house through your roof. This can also be helped through roof insulation which will plug up any gaps and crevices, helping prevent vermin and birds and reducing the cost of your heating bill