Ideal for repair, renewal or new build A liquid resin based waterproofing & surfacing system using specific products for specific applications
Liquid Waterproofing Systems

This system is a complete, liquid resin based waterproofing and surfacing system, offering many advantages over other flat roof systems or hot-applied methods. It's also a dedicated system, ideal for repair, renewal or new build, using specific products for specific applications - unlike the 'one size fits all' solutions typically available.

The waterproofing components - one, two or three-part resins - impregnate a polyester fleece which is immensely strong, durable and tear-resistant, and also provides a clear visual indication that the correct membrane thickness has been achieved.

Infallible Systems is one of a limited number of fully trained, approved contractors accredited to install this system.


The benefits of using a liquid waterproofing system include:

• Inert to UV degradation

• Bridges cracks

• Permeable to water vapour

• Allows old roof repair without removal

• Resistant to acids, alkalis, petrol and oil

•30-year proven performance

• High tear-resistance

• Fully fleece-reinforced

• Adheres to almost all substrates

• Can be walked on

• A seamless, light-weight membrane

• Weather resistant after 30 minutes

Uses and Applications:

2K-PUR can be used on a wide range of applications, offering the strength and
versatility of solvent-based products but with the advantage of a more
environmentally-friendly composition. It is particularly suitable for use on occupied
buildings that would be sensitive to a solvent-based application, such as schools,
hospitals or food factories, allowing remedial work to take place without the need for
evacuation or closure.

• Roofs
• Balconies
• Terraces
• Podiums
• Gutters
• Applications where policies favour the
use of the most environmentally
friendly products
• Complex detailing
• Fountains
• Floors of boiler rooms/control rooms


• Highly durable and long lasting
• Weather resistant after 30 minutes
• Suitable for normal maintenance foot traffic