Environmental Confidence Eco-friendly, improve air quality, visually attractive, cost effective
Green Roofing

Through advanced technology and quality of product, Infallible Systems Limited ensure long-term reliability to every installation.

Increasingly throughout Europe the concept of ecological awareness within planted roof design is becoming a reality. The positive effects of a real Green Roof System on the environment are too important to be ignored. Green roofs are eco-friendly, improve air quality, visually attractive, light weight, and cost effective.

The design and construction of these ecologically sound systems is enhanced by the quality of waterproofing system used.

There are two types of green roof: 

  1. A hardy mat of sedum vegetation that requires little maintenance. Our fully trained green-roof installers are able to build and install systems of any size in a cost and time efficient manner.
  2. A garden on the roof. This could be lawn, trees, or shrubs.  These roofs need the same care and maintenance as any ground level garden.

Green Roof's can be sown, planted or installed fully grown:

The most economical way to plant a green roof is using the Sedum Sprout Mix.
The seed is scattered evenly and softly pressed, The sedum will be fully mature in 18 months and flowers will begin to appear after one growing season.

Sedum matting is a fully cultivated sedum mat that is cut into manageable turf like tiles.

Green roofs can also be installed onto pitched roofs up to 60º using sedum honeycombs. These have been cultivated for a minimum of 18 months to FLL standard and are then fixed and laid, much like the fully cultivated sedum matting.

This ultra efficient, 3 layer-in-one tile is lightweight and easy to install.

The mats are made from recycled, open-pore, CFC-free PUR soft foam; incorporating clay minerals and plant nourishing elements as long-term fertiliser.

When installed in situ the mats give the fastest vegetation establishment in comparative tests.

The Established BBS Green Roofing's system has a water storage capacity of up to 25 litres and a total saturated weight of 56 kilos per square metre.